Fatal Verdict

Album: Fatal Verdict (2010)

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Song: Blood Drive

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Grinding it out as part of Philly's overlooked metal underground, Fatal Verdict is a four-piece outfit refusing to accept the status quo. Armed with fearless innovation and a coarse predisposition for rebelliousness; the Fatal-Dudes have their minds set on blazing new paths using their indelible influences as guides - which is not, by any means, limited to metal or any of its sub genres at all. It should be noted, however, that the Fatal-Boat did not initially have such high ideals. As the only founding member, Ryan Cease has been keeping the Fatal Verdict afloat since 2006. Slowly coming together, the crew started setting-out in the winter of 2008 with eyes set on the adventures ahead. Using their meticulous resolve, the guys of Fatal Verdict plod away at every musical idea, making their latest demo a tall order and leaving every new song under the microscope until its ready. Rest assured that Fatal Verdict has already set their sights on bigger endeavors and the world at large; determined to let it be known that they're not only here to play, but here to stay.